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Quality inspection

Independent quality inspections on fruit and vegetables for  importers, exporters and forwarders. Our reports, complete with measurements and photos, give a quick and clear overview of product quality.
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Secondment inspectors

Our experienced inspectors can be seconded to customers in the fruit and vegetable sector for shorter or longer periods.
Our inspectors are highly trained, independent, and communicative.
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Training inspectors

We share our product knowledge and passion for the fruit and vegetable industry through coaching-on-the-job, in-company training and recognized learning modules. Our aim is to raise expertise within the fruit and vegetable sector to a higher level.
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Inspection at stock and outbound

Independent quality inspection during storage and shipment of fruit and vegetables for importers, exporters, traders and freight forwarders. All tailored to customer requirements, and recorded in clear reports.
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Advice & second opinion

Mediation between stakeholders, a second opinion, advice on packaging, repacking, storage, or the process from cultivation to consumption. Our independence, years of experience and knowledge of the market means we can give appropriate advice.
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Ripening support

Our ripening masters are specialized in ripening with ethylene gas and / or heat. We guide and advise the customer to get the product in the right maturity stage. Clear reports make the progress transparent for customers.
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With 25 motivated employees and an extensive package of services, MFQI is your prime independent partner when it comes to the quality of fruit and vegetables. Since we started back in 2003, we have continued to grow and innovate.

MFQI represents high quality, clear and transparent communication, putting the customer first, and integrity. All our customers are satisfied, and we always have a solution for any problems that might arise.

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Always room for improvement

Detailed insight into large shipments

The best addition to your team

Independent survey with added value

The most objective advice is independent

Education is the premise of progress



We take care of all our customers’ worries during the process. And fulfil the role that best suits customer expectations. This may be a single role, but more often than not involves multiple roles at the same time; inspector, mediator, advisor, trainer, ripening expert and process supervisor.

Area of operation

Where the customer needs us, we’re on hand. We provide services all around the world, where we have an excellent relationship with our customers.
From our base in the Rotterdam region, we serve our customers quickly and effectively.

Inspection system

Quality inspections are processed into our unique reporting system on site. This report can be tailored to the wishes of the customer,
and is available on our customer portal shortly after the inspection is carried out.


We only employ certified inspectors, and guarantee they are reliable and independent.
Our quality inspections comply with the requirements of the General European Directives.