Inspection at stock and outbound


MFQI independently monitors the quality of fruit and vegetables during storage and shipment on behalf of its customers, whether these are importers, exporters, traders or freight forwarders. We possess in-depth expertise in the field of fruit and vegetables, and are specialised in exotics and imported fruit.

In addition to quality inspection of products during storage or before shipping, we can also monitor or supervise the associated processes, all tailored to customer requirements. This includes packaging advice, storage recommendations, advice for growers, and ripening advice.

We process all data we collect in transparent reports. In addition, we explain what we do verbally, so that our actions and the underlying reasons are transparent and understood by customers. Thanks to our flexible working methods, we can always be in the place where an inspection is needed in good time. We look at the big picture, and value long-term customer contact greatly.

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