Quality inspection

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MFQI carries out independent quality inspections in the fruit and vegetable sector for importers, exporters and forwarders. We possess in-depth expertise in the field of fruit and vegetables, and are specialised in exotics and imported fruit.

The quality of products is assessed according to European standards.
Our inspectors use personal knowledge and appropriate tools to assess the temperature, firmness, sugar content, weight, size, internal and external quality of products, as well as the condition of pallets, boxes and labels. We give advice on the expected shelf life and development of products.

If required, we can organise residue analyses and microbiological studies. If applicable, we check container settings, carry out gas measurements, and read temperature recorders.

We process all data we collect into clear reports with scores, measurements, photos, product-relevant data, and customer-specific requirements. Thanks to our flexibility, we can be requested to carry out all kinds of tasks, and we provide advice and evaluate quality together with our customers.

Quality inspection is carried out by our qualified inspectors. Our extensive experience with large quantities of fruit and vegetables from around the globe means we can compare the quality of products, and assign an independent score to the batch concerned in accordance with market standards. We are the eyes and ears of our customers, and monitor the quality of their products.